Epic Coaching for Women
Embrace, Embody, Empower
Soul Radiance

What is your Soul’s Desire???

Is it to finally have the relationship of your dreams? Or the time to have one? Is it to feel cherished and fully desired in every part of your being? Is it to finally let go and free yourself to be wild? Is it to be able to leave a legacy that makes a real and positive impact in your world? Experience more joy and passion in your life? Or just be more happy?

Soul Radiance Lifestyle Coaching is for Woman who wants to keep herself and her life at Optimal Brilliance. We have found that when your soul is satisfied everything sparkles and shines. And… it starts with the question… “What is your Soul’s Desire?” Spa for the Soul, Soul Radiance Lifestyle Coaching, range from webinars, to in person, live group experiences, to private 1-1 exclusive mentorship with Suzanne Raja.

Our programs are for exclusive members only and ensure the privacy and discreet service that is reminiscent of the highest quality concierge. Escape from the everyday, getaway and indulge in the gift for yourself that keeps on giving. It will be our pleasure to Encourage, Embrace and Empower you, to have your Dreams become Reality!